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My name is Maciek Gornisiewicz and I am a landscape photographer from Perth in Western Australia. I was born in Łódź, Poland and moved to Australia with my parents in 1991.

My photographic journey begun during a trip to Europe in 2006. I took lots of photos with a basic point and shoot camera, and started to evaluate them a bit more critically when we arrived back home. I picked up my first DSLR camera in 2007 and slowly started to explore the world of digital photography. This website is the result of that exploration and continuous search for that magical light that makes everything possible.

My main focus is seascape, landscape and travel photography. I also enjoy shooting cityscapes, streets and architecture. When I’m not working my regular day job, I am out with my partner Paulina, exploring locations around Perth, a growing city that is home to some wonderful landscape and seascape locations and an ever growing skyline.

I hope to take you on a journey to the amazing places we have been to. From rugged Australian outback to wild and pristine New Zealand, through the cities of Europe and Asia to sunsets in Western Australia. Wherever the journey takes you, I hope you will find beauty and inspiration the same way that I found them during my travels.

My photographic philosophy is to research locations and to try and find the best light possible to capture their beauty. This often means shooting during the “Magic Hours” of the day – an hour before dawn and an hour after dusk. My basic premise is to capture the scene in one frame with minimal digital post-processing other than my standard workflow. I use a variety of techniques including long exposures and graduated filters. This ensures that I give full attention to what I am capturing and also reduces the time that I spend processing photos on a computer. I am open, however, to utilising other techniques, such as exposure blending, in conditions where a single capture will not be able to achieve the result that I am aiming for.

I am always in pursuit of improving my photography knowledge and skills and always striving to take better photographs at the highest possible quality that I can.

Landscape and travel photography is a great way for me to capture and share the beauty of our world with the other people through the perspective of my images. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking at the world through my eyes.

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